Hosted PBX & VoIP Telephony

Delivering all the features of a traditional PBX with significant cost savings and in-built business continuity provision, Hosted VoIP telephony is a resilient PBX, hosted in the Cloud.

Our hosted telephony solutions are moulded for a perfect fit to each customer’s exact requirements, giving our customers access to a fully hosted and managed telephony service with access to low cost VoIP calling, dramatically reducing the cost of calls, without the need to pay for traditional expensive telephone lines.

There are more no costly equipment upgrades or maintenance costs, our hosted telephony products allow your telephones to connect through your Internet connection direct to a cloud data centre, giving access to ready-made disaster recovery and flexible scalability, beyond lower operating costs.

Benefits of moving to hosted VoIP telephony include:

  • Low Setup Cost
  • Rapid, Seamless Deployment
  • OPEX Model – No Ongoing Maintenance & Support Costs
  • Advanced Feature Sets & IVR Capability
  • Flexible Scalability & Expansion
  • No Onsite Equipment
  • Automatic Software Updates
  • Ready-Made Disaster Recovery
  • Remove Reliance On Local IT Resource

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